We help teams
and organizations achieve true agility

disqourse is a unique digital platform that enables growth, learning and development for all – and unleashes organizational agility. Fast. 

An easy-to-access desktop app

that combines smart technology, gripping content and innovative learning method (“didactics”) to enable organizational development, growth and agility.


Allows remote employees to keep having unifying learning experiences


Makes change fast - scales naturally! Works with 5 groups or 5.000 - all at the same time!

It' a real mess!


Let's discourse!


awareness, insight and critical thinking

Why disqourse

Invest your time (and that of your colleagues) wisely

Ease of use

All you need is a computer, equipped with camera and microphone

No additional set up required. You can use your regular video call platform (Zoom, Webex, Teams, Google Hangouts...) and access disqourse via link.


Smart invest

With disqourse, you can be assured your time and your resources are well-spent


No travel costs. No time wasted for travel.


All discourse in disqourse is immediately relevant to your organization.

Acting responsibly

The disqourse app runs on 100% renewable energy

At disqourse, we naturally value sustainability requirements. Which is why our digital solution is run on 100% renewable energy. We apply the low carbon energy principle to all our work and, in that way, help protect our environment.