Join a full, 90-minute disqourse session

Experience the power
of disqourse in action

Wed., 25 May, 12:00 CET

Tue, 28 June, 8:00 CET

Tue, XX July, 18.00 CET

Taking part in a disqourse Experience session is fun. And it offers first-hand experience into how discourse-based learning and development works.  Not only will you take away great learning yourself. You will also gain insight into the best way of unleashing agility in organizations large and small. 

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Language: English

Platform: Zoom

Participation fee: € 25,00

Your benefits

During the disqourse Experience, you will take part in a specially designed, 90-minute disqourse session entitled "Agility Booster". The session unites 8 exciting lessons, or profound insights, around agility for individuals, teams and organizations. Be prepared to be surprised!

After the small-group session, you can get all your questions around the use of disqourse in organizations answered, and you will learn about the disqourse approach and platform. 

Bring a friend or peer along, if you like! 

The event

Please make sure you have 2,5 hours (150 minutes) set apart for participating in the disqourse Experience!

The disqourse Experience agenda:

  • short intro: What is the disqourse learning platform and how does disqourse work?

  • 90-minute, uninterrupted disqourse session: Agility Booster (in small groups)

  • short break

  • debrief: Exchange of experiences on learnings from the session; Q&A on the disqourse approach and platform

  • optional: stay on to get all your questions answered