Our Story

We are united by the belief that people are always the solution

And never the problem


The disqourse team

We are a truly international team of European entrepreneurs, inventors, authors, engineers, communicators, researchers and designers of sociotech.


Our beliefs are embedded in all our solutions. We are united by the insight that every individual, team and organization can improve and grow dramatically – given the right conditions!

We are convinced that


People will show an interest in the work; given the right conditions.


People are motivated.

We believe...

... that the smallest value-creating unit of every organization is the team – with individuals contributing to those teams. We believe that by embracing diversity and constant, inter-weaving development, organizations can achieve superior value creation.


People will self-direct towards objectives they can accept.


People carry the spark of entreprenuership in them.

What we stand for

In a complex world, people are always the solution and never the problem! Humans are unique in their ability to learn, grow, and solve new challenges for themselves, their companies, their societies. With disqourse, all that potential can be accessed.

International partners

With our partners, we tackle organizational agility all over the world

Zagreb, Croatia

disqourse d.o.o.

Tel. +385 1 4647 478

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Our global


Vienna, Austria

Sichtart - Elisabeth Sechser

Tel.  +43 676 6103913

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Montréal, Canada

aliterconcept – François Lavallée
Tel. +1 514 993 7123
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Lima, Peru

Congruencia – Julio Príncipe | Mónica Salazar | Stephen Campbell

Tel. +51 967 783 844

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São Paulo, Brazil

Valérya Carvalho - Valérya Carvalho

Tel.  +55 11 99213 3396

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Wiesbaden, Germany

red42 –  Silke Hermann I Niels Pflaeging

Tel. +49 173 682 1315

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Seoul, South Korea

Beta Lab –  Agnès Legrand (최두옥)

Tel. +82 (0)10-8637-5918

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