people are always the solution – and never the problem

The team behind disqourse

Disqourse is European. It is diverse. It is born with truly global reach in mind. Disqourse was founded by a group of European entrepreneurs with decades of professional experience in a large variety of industries. It is run by a team with remarkably diverse backgrounds. We are united by the belief that every individual, team and organization can improve and grow dramatically – given the right conditions!


Who we are

We are a truly international team of European entrepreneurs, inventors, authors, engineers, communicators, researchers and designers of sociotech. Our beliefs shape every facet of the way we work and are embedded in all our solutions.


We are convinced

that people will show an interest in the work; given the right conditions; that they will self-direct towards objectives they can accept; that people are motivated; that they carry the spark of entrepreneurship in them. We believe that the smallest value-creating unit of an organization is the team – with individuals contributing to those teams. We believe that by embracing diversity and constant, inter-weaving development, organizations can achieve superior value creation.


What we stand for

In a complex world, people are always the solution and never the problem! Humans are unique in their ability to learn, grow, and solve new challenges for themselves, their companies, their societies.


Aiming at 100% Sustainability

At disqourse, we naturally place a high value on sustainability requirements. Our digital solution is run on 100% renewable energy. This way, we apply the low carbon energy principle to our work and help protect our environment.