people are always the solution

The team behind

disqourse consists of individuals with remarkable background united in the idea that inside every organization there is an even better one.


Who we are

We are an international team of entrepreneurs, inventors, designers of social technologies, authors, engineers, communicators, researchers and more.
Our beliefs shape the way we work and are embedded in each of our solutions.


We are convinced

That people under the right conditions are interested in work, self-directed towards a target they can accept, motivated and creative.
That the smallest unit that creates value is a team; the individual contributes to it.
That through embracing diversity we create impact and new values.


What we stand for

In a complex world, people are always the solution and not the problem. Human beings are described by their ability to learn, grow, and solve new challenges for themselves, companies, and societies.


100% Sustainability

At disqourse, we naturally place a high value on considering sustainability requirements as well. Our digital solution is being run by 100% renewable energy which is enabling us to follow the low carbon energy principle and save our environment.