disqourse White paper No. 03. The future of organizational learning is discursive & self-organized

We are happy to present our 3rd white paper on discourse learning, on the didactics of disqourse, and about how to reunite individual learning and organizational development. disqourse founder Silke Hermann and disqourse investor Niels Pflaeging once again produced this paper, together. The two take us back a few years, to 2016, to tell the story of how the disqourse approach and methodology came about. In this paper, Silke and Niels also outline a few key concepts of discourse learning, such as invitation, the use of practical theory, and joint reflective discussion.

This research paper has a total of 8 pages. You will find it to be compact and easy-to-read, and offering a great deal of practical input for anyone interested in organizational L&D, leadership, change and transformation, and coherent self-organization.

As with all our white papers, access is free of charge and requires no registration. Download the full white paper here:

disqourse whitepaper EN 3
Download PDF • 172KB