Upcoming disqourse Info Hours

Updated: Jan 11

During our free Info Hours, you get the opportunity to learn more about the disqourse approach and how it can help kick-start your organization's agility and change.

Whether you are an executive or manager, an expert on learning & development, an agilist or an HR professional looking for high-impact approaches to organizational agility and change - this one-hour info hour offers you the information you need to get going with disqourse.

Currently, there are three new upcoming info hours for you to pick:

Why you should participate

disqourse is a digital platform for the development of agility in teams and organizations. It is based upon unique technology and innovative learning method. The app is becoming available in seven languages first: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Korean, and Croatian. Other languages will follow soon.

This free-of-charge "Info Hour", or introductory session will provide you with:

  • What is disqourse? Facts about the origins, the method, the technology and the unique features of the disqourse platform.

  • Why discourse? The power of small group-based dialog - and why real discourse requires providing the right setting, or an "open space"; how discourse enables agility in teams & organizations.

  • Fundamentals about key characteristics of the disqourse platform and approach.

  • Knowledge around key conceptual aspects and elements of disqourse, and their interaction.

  • Insights about how disqourse impacts on the individual, the group, and the organizational levels. And about how we assure that impact.

  • Recommendations around suitable pre-conditions for its application in a company or organization. How to employ disqourse within just 14 days.

  • How is disqourse being offered? Information about the disqourse business model, about who can use it and who should try it.

The hosts will answer all additional questions you might have. They will also share their experience from applying disqourse with a series of companies that they, and their team, have worked with, since early 2021.

The Info Hours are run on Zoom

This is neither a workshop nor a seminar, but a 75-minute info talk that is supposed to provide information, detail, and context. The session will NOT be recorded. You do NOT need a camera to participate. You can register anonymously, if you like.