Preparing your organization for value creation in complexity

disqourse is a digital solution that combines relevant content and fine-tuned didactics, in order to create appropriate conditions for needed organizational change and strengthened organizational culture.

How does it work?


disqourse offers custom-made, predefined, carefully curated learning cycles – for topics that all companies and organizations grapple with. A cycle spans five sessions, each with coordinated and matching learning content. Our content offerings range from topics such as change & transformation to teaming and agility to innovation and communication. We are constantly working on extending our content catalog.

Examples of curated learning cycles from disqourse:



Fundamentals that help everyone to better understand  challenges of working in complexity – and then solve them, together


Make the Change

Thinking and designing change in a way that all members of the organization can understand and participate in.


Agile working

Tackles challenges and misconceptions in creating agile teams and organizations, in order to enable desired change.



Enables tams to better through shared insight & dialog. It matters: Teams are he smallest unit of value creation in complexity!

What we provide

We provide a full suite of services that make it easy to launch the disqourse ecosystem in your organization. – no matter how large your organization, if it is predefined or customized content, 

Want to know more?

Disqourse Live – the physical, tactile solution for plants and office locations

Disqourse Live is “learning from the box.” It applies the same concepts to small-group learning as disqourse. But it uses physical, boxed module sets as a tactile delivery system. So that those within your organization who can meet in the same location easily will need just two things to run their 90-minute disqourse sessions: A table to gather around. And one of the Disqourse Live module boxes.

Every Disqourse Live session starts with a different box on the table that gets unsealed by the group when its 90-minute.session starts. Our didactics are designed to make around-the-table dialog insightful, social, and fun. They also make optimal use of the unique qualities of physical encounter. With Disqourse, you can go digital – and you can go Live!