Preparing your organization for value creation in complexity

Disqourse is a digital solution with relevant content and fine-tuned didactic to enable the appropriate conditions for needed organizational change and organizational culture.

How it works?


We offer custom made and predefined learning cycles for topics that many companies and organizations deal with. These are five sessions, each with coordinated and matching learning content. Our predefined offerings range from topics such as change and transformation to teaming and agility to innovation and communication.We are constantly working on extending the offering.

Examples of predefined learning cycles


Foundations for working in Complexity

Basics to better understand and solve challenges in complexity.


Make the Change

Thinking and designing change in a way that all members of the organization can understand and participate in.



Unfolding the misconceptions on communication, in order to use it properly for enabling desired change.



Building a team, the smallest unit for creating values in complexity.

What we provide

No matter if it is predefined or customized content, we provide a suite of services to make it easy to launch a great disqourse program.

Want to know more?


Digital platforms for e-learning, communication or collaboration have their purpose in transmitting information and/or knowledge, and companies no longer have serious deficits in this regard. Yet, the transfer of knowledge and information is not enough to be successful in a dynamic environment and complexity.

As an alternative, disqourse was designed:
• as a digital place to encourage team discourse with carefully selected content
• which uses thinking tools that encourage critical thinking and awareness