Our unique didactics

Let's make organizations
fit for dynamic markets 

as well as fit for human beings

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Digital platforms for e-learning, communication or collaboration have their value in transmitting information and/or knowledge. Many companies have been able to solve their pressing problems of sharing through such systems. Yet the mere transfer of knowledge and information is not enough to be successful in today’s dynamic, complex markets.

Take teamwork to a new level

For that, organizations need to tap into the knowledge, experience, skills and creative potential of all their people, and take teamwork to a new level: In order to trigger more serious change, the first step is to provide teams and the whole community within the organization (not just its individuals!) with a constructive understanding of the system in which they operate. Not just “a few chosen ones”, but everyone. All at the same time. That is precisely what disqourse achieves. Imagine an organization in which all groups & teams develop & reflect simultaneously, on a higher level, while sharing their views and understandings of organizational challenges. Imagine learning to be happening within teams and the entire organization, not just to certain managers or individuals. This is achieved through our unique “didactics”, or group learning method.

Development, unleashed

disqourse is designed as an alternative to common e-learning, knowledge management and development platforms: It is a digital space where discourse in and between groups is encouraged – making use of carefully selected, reflection-ready content. disqourse creates more than just knowledge. It employs thinking tools that encourage awareness, insight and critical thinking. Be prepared to be surprised.

A wide range of benefits

Way beyond the individual

disqourse functions on three interdependent levels

On the individual level

  • Strengthen critical thinking

  • Unleash imagination and ideas.

  • Open new perspectives and support personal development


On the team level

  • Enable teams to confront the most difficult problems and think them through, collaboratively

  • Create a safe space where intellectual tension is possible and welcome – a prerequisite for value creation and innovation

  • Build a common understanding of organizational challenges

On the organizational level

  • Members of the organization learn to develop solutions on their own

  • Increase social density, so that the organization can adapt to dynamic market conditions faster

  • Enable fast, coherent organizational development